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Why Afganistan Girls Are Fearing The Taliban Entry?

This article will give you insights into why Afganistan women are fearing the Taliban taking over their country and protesting to get the respect and protection they deserve.

Afganistan Women Protesting. Image Credit: Google Images

What Is Taliban?

TALIBAN IS A RELIGION FUNDAMENTALIST GROUP –they are the proprietor of militant Islamism the legitimizing ideology comes from Wahabism which says that religion has been corrupted by external influence and can be cleansed by holy war.

Taliban Taking over Afganistan. Credit Google Images

Religion fundamentalism is not specific to Islam but is evident in every religion.

The Reasons for that can be many such as

  1. Increased modernization , rationality
  2. Dilution of traditional beliefs

Fundamentalism is a result of cultural defence


Why Afganistan women are afraid?

Taliban has taken over Afghanistan and declared the country as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and Taliban rule will be based on sharia law, not on democracy.

It has been in the news that women in Afghanistan are afraid of losing their rights.

What could be the reasons?

Increased westernization –

Fundamentalists (are those who think religion has been corrupted and return to basic religious text) believed that the influence of the west ( be it related to food habits dressing style lifestyle etc.) in the past years has increased in the country that will eventually lead to cultural homogenization and to curtail that they will impose strict rules.

Patriarchy (Male Domination)-

Recently, Afganistan women were asked that they have to be accompanied by men whenever they go out – clear evidence of patriarchy (male domination).

Women will be deprived of their agency to decide for themselves

Patriarchy was basically the result of chivalry and chauvinism. it is universal across religions

patriarchy is the result of misinterpretation of religious text- written by men and interpreted by men


religion compensates women as second-class citizens. religion is used by oppressors to control the oppressed


Thus historical context and religious text plays a huge role in shaping the society

Burden of religion honour lies with women

  • Whatever women do is reflected in religion. It itself is the belief that is being carried forward since ages.

Commodification of women (fear of being commodified is increasing )

  • Afganistan women believe that fear of being commodified i.e. being used as an object or a commodity instead of a human being will increase because of trafficking as a result in objectification ( treating them as object)
  • In this, Violence will become a mode of objectiification as means to overcome crisis of masculinity and to control them

So we can say that Denial of representation in all spheres whether it is politics economy etc ( though they are being promised to get the legitimacy) is the fear that is cropping up among women

Consequences if fear in Afganistan women becomes a reality.

  1. Presence of women will disappear from all the important institution of nation- result in defeminization of the institutions
  2. Increase dependency on men will ultimately result in subjugation of women- increased oppression
  3. Internalization of subjugation happens over a time when women makes up her mind that she is weak and inferior and can’t be independent
  4. Negative impact on children may result in child becoming deviant
  5. Result in women being a “punching bag” since Taliban use violence means to control or capture power ( militant Islamism) – being involved in warfare they will use violent means to overcome their anger.
  6. Issue of intersectionality- the problems faced by working women is different from problems faced by housewives same way problems of women belonging to minorities , poor families etc would be different – rape, trafficking , genocide , public execution will increase
  7. Global islamophobia – its ripples will be spread all over the world

Hence, the fear of Afganistan women is quite justified because of their past experience when the Taliban ruled from 1996 to 2001.

Though some of the consequences may appear like a long-term effect an insurgent group who can take over the country within one month for them everything is possible.

The solution to this problem does not lie in only slactivism (by putting hastch tag on Twitter) or lip service.

Immediate relief is needed in this regard from all the powerful supranational bodies and countries.

The need of the hour is to provide them guaranteed rights – the right to life, the right to live with dignity, and others which every individual on this planet deserves.

Thanks fo reading!

Article Written By: Chitra Tamboli

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