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Dr Laxman Jessani, Guide, Infectious Ailments, Apollo Hospitals, elucidates on the signs of the Omicron variant. He warns that the variant could cause underlying sickness to flare up for sufferers with current comorbidities.

What are the signs of the Omicron variant?

The signs of an infection with the Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus stay the identical as the opposite variants which have been seen over the past two years.The World Well being Organisation (WHO) has additionally suggested that there’s at present no info to counsel that signs related to Omicron are totally different from these from different variants. The most typical signs embrace fever, cough, tiredness and lack of style or scent, all signs of an everyday chilly or flu. Some sufferers might also expertise sore throat/ throat ache, headache, aches and pains, diarrhoea, pores and skin rash, and irritation in eyes. In extreme circumstances, there could also be problem in respiration with shortness of breath and chest ache, which requires emergency medical consideration.

Are there any variations in signs encountered by sufferers of various age teams?

The signs are roughly the identical throughout age teams. Throughout the first wave of COVID, it was seen that youngsters had been much less contaminated. It’s nonetheless too early to say something particularly about Omicron. The chance of reasonable or extreme an infection stays the identical and will increase if a person has comorbidities. That is throughout age teams and kids with situations corresponding to juvenile diabetes or coronary heart situations face an elevated danger of extreme complication even from Omicron.

How are the signs of Omicron totally different from Delta and different earlier variants?

There aren’t any clear variations between the early signs of Delta and Omicron. The Zoe COVID research app within the UK has reported chilly signs corresponding to runny nostril, delicate to extreme fatigue, headache, sneezing and sore throat as frequent signs for Omicron.There isn’t any detailed research but in India on Omicron and we must always have extra info in a couple of weeks.

What security measures needs to be adopted particularly for the Omicron variant?

Omicron has been reported to be extra transmissible and contagious than the earlier variants and this has been seen within the exponential rise in circumstances in US, UK, Europe and now in Indian metros. The protection measures stay the identical – put on a masks always, keep away from crowds, apply hand sanitisation, do business from home in case your job permits and take care to check on the first signal of any signs. And naturally, for these eligible – get vaccinated. Whereas vaccinations might not stop an infection, the an infection is extra more likely to be delicate with vaccination. Within the US and UK, it has been seen {that a} main share of the severely sick sufferers are the unvaccinated.

When it’s mentioned that there are delicate signs confronted by Omicron sufferers, what precisely does “delicate” counsel?

Gentle signifies that the share of sufferers who will find yourself in hospital, requiring oxygen or intensive care is decrease than the sooner variants. Nonetheless, we should not be lulled into a way of complacency because the Omicron variant can result in an enormous variety of circumstances in a brief time period and even a smaller proportion of a much bigger quantity is numerous sufferers who will must be hospitalised and want specialised care.

We should do not forget that in sufferers with current co-morbidities, Omicron could cause the underlying sickness to flare up. In sufferers with diabetes, COVID even whether it is from the Omicron variant, can result in improvement of life threatening diabetic ketoacidosis. For sufferers on chemotherapy and who’re immunocompromised, the chance is clear!

Does the Omicron variant influence the kidney and coronary heart in any means?

Simply as the sooner variants of COVID brought about injury to the center, kidney and different organs because of the physique’s immune system response to the virus, the identical is the case with Omicron.

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